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CLAMP 20th Anniversary - Appreciation Fanbook Project

I have been chosen as one of many editors for amazing Appreciation Fanbook Project for CLAMP's 20th Anniversary organized by clamp_now, so I'll leave this fixed post on top to answer many questions as you may have :D BTW, as I'm part of spanish-speaking languages edition team, post will be in Spanish <3

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¡Seguro que sale genial! ¡Ánimo a todos y hagamos que CLAMP se sientan orgullosas de su fandom :D!
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Tsubasa Shunraiki OAD 01


Spanish subs ahead: 100% translation from Japanese *___*

· Torrent
· eMule
· FlyUpload by k_zero
· GigaSize by kenshinchronicle
And more DD soon in our site :3

Some people think OAD is bad, but I found it AWESOME as xxxHOLiC Shunmuki is (download here as well XD), only crap about the ending >_< and some "quality" faces sometimes, but drawing and animation is even better than TTR *_*

And now, wait for our DVD to release the MP4 and soon Shunmuki in MP4 DVDRip as well ;D
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Version 2.0: U.R.T.V.

U-DO Retro Virus. That's what U.R.T.V. means, biological clones of Dr. Yuriev created in order to battle and destroy the U-DO phenomenon in Xenosaga series. Rubedo (Gaignum Jr.), Albedo, Nigredo (Gaignum) and Citrine are four of those experimental clones and as I love Xenogears/saga plot (probably best in an RPG ever) and characters I always wanted to make a layout with it *_*. Furthermore, I love Rubedo, his relationship with M.O.M.O. and Sakura and with his brothers Albedo (Albedo crazy total fan xD) and Nigredo so I chose them for this new layout ^^ in order to DESTROY the horrible version 1 from TRC >_< because in 1024x768+ resolutions was fail Y_Y.

I'm using new CS2 mode chibiyuuto recommended ^^ so I can change from CSS what I don't like :D and I hope I'd have more free time to post here X_X because I'm studying a J2EE course (5 hours a day) and working 4 hours a day at University in our Bioinformatics research project, so my life sucks >_< but I already know 70% of course contents (J2EE course would have to be J2EE, not 2 months of basic Java for noobs and 2 months of real J2EE, which it's what I'm interested into... and the course title, of course XD) so I spend most of time stalking the internet :D Last two months won't be like that, but if people takes 3 hours for a stupid 5 classes object oriented programming program and you do it in 20 minutes, I won't throw away my time >_<

About my life these last years (apart from epic Christmas lulz and non-sleep nights XDD), I've watched many animes and played many RPGs, I want to write a few comments about last ones:
· Baccano!: Magnificient. An incredible plot interlaced in many temporal lines in 13 episodes (+3 extra episodes in DVD only), which until episode 7 in Advena Avis you can't understand anything ·_·. From that point, everything makes sense and I enjoyed a lot different stories and characters *__*: Isaac and Miria (they are crazy, but they ROCK xD), Firo, insane Vino, Nice Holystone and Jacuzzi Splot, Maiza, Ennis, etc. everyone is love, everyone BUT LADD RUSSO, I HOPE HE WILL BURN IN HELL xD Sadistic and cruel characters are the worst -_- and Keiji Fujiwara with Ladd Russo and Ali Al Saachez in Gundam OO is taking that kind of characters Y_Y. Anyway, a must watch anime (and believe me, it's not a gansters anime, not at all XD there are alchemy, immortal characters, lulz, plot twists and much more!) and I hope someday it would continue animating more novels ^^.
· Onegai Twins: Pseee, I watched it because I had watched Onegai Teacher many years ago and I was cleaning my old CDs and burning DVDs xD. Fanservice + incest is not a good combination for me -_-U, original problem is interesting and episode 7 is good (with character development) but there are too much bad episodes -_-U.
· Macross Zero: Better than I hope ^^. It reminded me to Gundam SEED Stargazer but with better plot and character development, though it's sometimes a little "tipical" ^^U. Final is a WTF another Macross series will explain me, I Hope ·_· but nature message and war is very realistic and mecha battles with Zeros are epic *_*.

· Musashi Samurai Legend: I bought it for 5€ XDDD I have read it was very bad, but how wrong rumors were! *_* It's more trascendental and futuristic than its predecesor, Brave Fencer Musashiden, but less epic and funny. Anyways, it's an amazing game! Maybe too short, 17 hours only D: and English voices are SUCKING >_<, but gameplaying is great, music is very good and though plot is very simple, it has one or two good plot twists and and amazing final battle. A great buy, no doubt about it XD
· Koudelka: A great game, but sometimes too hard to play >_< survival horror + RPG random encounters are not good combination ^^U Maybe too short for 4 CDs O_o and final was a little "psee" I was expecting more because "hype" people caused me XD Anyways, a great game, very interesting with very good character and A MAGNIFICIENT spanish dub and translation *__*.

Actually watching:
· Gundam OO - 2nd season (9) <3
· CLANNAD ~After Story~ (5), did I say I love CLANNAD? *_* But I don't want THAT to happen T_T
· Tales of the Abyss (13), obviously, we are subbing it xDDD and you know, DOWNLOAD IT FROM FRIKI NO FANSUB, con extra de amor y frikismo por los Tales <3

Actually playing:
· Dissidia FINAL FANTASY, Shade Impulse III, Cloud Lv.56
· Arc The Lad II, Elc Lv.38 -stopped for Dissidia's sake XD-
· Shadow Hearts, Yuri Lv.8, just started this latest weekend XD

Well, I rarely write but when it comes, I write my summed life xDD, see you soon ^^ and take care in this new year 2009 :D
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Merry Xmas~!

No time to say anything, just:

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Sorry, but I've been 1 hour writing a Christmas mail in Spanish for hotmail friends @_@ and we are still deliberating for CD xmas contest Y__Y

I WANT to change this new layout header and post something here Y_Y
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XIV Salón del Manga de Barcelona~

Another year we go, and another year here's my report~ and as usually, only Spanish ahead ^^U.

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Así que, recopilando las compras:

· Camiseta Crossed Destinies (Unisex M) (¿qué pasa? a mí también me cuesta dinero xD)
· Mochila de Lelouch de Code Geass *__*
· Gashapon de Luke de ToA que tenía Selphy en su casa desde hace 2 años XDDD
· Strap para el móvil de Konata de Lucky Star
· Gashapones de Simon y Yoko de TTGL (quería a Viral y/o Kamina... pero bue, Yoko y Simon también molan *_*)
· Chapitas de Saber (Fate stay/night) y épico Crono con pixeles y pose de "¡tooma!" XD (Chrono Trigger)
· Chibi de Zero gatito (Code Geass), regalado por Sekiraku *__*
· Chibi de Cagalli (Gundam SEED), regalado por Selphy de su viaje a Japón *__*
· Galletas hiperricas y monas de Maid Cookie, regalado por Selphy de su viaje a Japón *__*
· Funda para el móvil de Haruhi (Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu)
· DVD pack #2 de GetBackers por 15€ de segunda mano en la tienda de Selphy XD
· FullMetal Alchemist #18
· .hack//Alcor
· Tsubasa ~RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE~ #21
· One Piece #43
· Tarjeta invitación cena de AU y número del cosplay, no tienen precio xD

A todo esto, añadir (que no está en la foto porque no apareció hasta después >_<):
· Cartera Gundam SEED :D
· Sobre de CLAMP in CardLand Vol.1 (Lu se pilló del 2 XD)

En definitiva, un inolvidablemente épico Salón ^_^, seguro que me dejo a montón gente sin nombrar, cientos de pequeños momentos sin comentar, pero estos 4 días dan para mucho y sin duda nunca serán olvidados por todos aquellos personajes que tomamos parte de ellos (momento Baccano! xD), ¡hasta el año que viene a todos! :D
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I've been a looong time away from LJ Y__Y, not even reading my f-list. I'm so sorry but 1 online hour a day is sometimes very hard to keep all internet bonds you have (forums, IRC, LJ, twitter, etc.).

However, I want to get back soon >_<, but because writing big essays ("tochos" XD) as I always did is too much time-consuming I'd probably try to write summaries of my life as lately I did ^^U. To start, I need to change my LJ layout... because now spam sucks and breaks my layout Y_Y.

Anyways this post is to say ¡NOS VAMOS A BARCELONA! *___* (XIV Salón del Manga de Barcelona), so as always post in spanish:

Esta noche partimos rumbo al Salón como todos los años :D y estaremos allí los 4 días *_*. Sé que como mínimo me encontraré a miyazawa_lulu (obvious XD), hikari_k, tifa_lock y a magi_k ^^, pero no sé si alguien más de la f-list irá, por si nos vemos por allí ^^.

Espero que este año sea tan genial como los anteriores *_* y de momento tenemos muchas esperanzas en la quedada de Crossed Destinies (que mucha gente dice que vendrá :D), donde venderemos algunas de las camisetas de la web que hemos podido hacer (al límite, pero hemos podido XD) y mañana recogeremos en Barna. De momento llevamos unas 26-27 reservas de 50 así que la cosa va mejor que bien XDDD si alguno de por aquí quiere alguna vaya o no vaya al salón, que me lo diga para que se la reserve o se puede quedar sin ninguna >_<.
Por otro lado, el viernes actuaremos en el concurso de cosplay con una nueva actuación llena de lulz de Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, que como nuestra primera actuación, estará llena de coñas de otros animes, risas, spoilers e interpretación in-character de la brigada S.O.S. Estamos algo nerviosos porque esta vez la actuación es más difícil (hay cosas que tenemos que hacer en tiempo límite @_@) y está más comprimida, pero esperamos que todo salga bien :D

Podría escribir mucho más pero paso porque pasará como siempre y llegaré tarde al bus, así que aquí lo dejamos, ja ne~

PD: Sólo un último momento spam, viva Tales of the Abyss de Friki no Fansub XD: con el frikismo fónico y el cariño partituresco que nos caracteriza xD
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I'm still alive, but with tons of things to do and my hellish internet hour T__T. A very quick faq of my life xD:
Must do:
· Finish and editing Soel to Larg: Mokona=Modoki no Bouken.
· Finish translating Horitsuba drama 3 + make the 2nd omake
· Next week we are having an anime show (is it called that way in English?) at our University, so we are out of time with the posters and this week and next one is gonna be crazy xD. See more in in our summaries website.

Past experiencies:
· Finished Valkyrie Profile 2: AMAZING GAME! Lezard rocks! First 10-20 hours very slow, but when the plots turns, it's a shocking spoiler after another xD
· I've started playing Lost Odyssey *___*, but in 4 hours I can't say anything xD, only is very dramatic and enigmatic O_o.
· Watched Code Geass 1st season (it wasn't bad at all! Zero forever xD, but episode 22 was a script WTF shit)
· Watched Fate/stay night, a great anime with many "failures" in my opinion, but very entertainment and with a huge universe around it. I'd like to play the novel games someday >_<.
· I've started watching Soukyuu no Fafner, but I'm still at 6th episode ^^UU, I haven't even time to watch anime, NOOO! Y_Y
· I've read Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air *__*. It's different from Ghibli's movie and everyone has their points, but the book final spoilers are LOL. Castle in the Air is even more LOL and I loved it a lot, though I disliked the end >_>.

I'd like to talk and talk about all these, but as I told Eriol left weekend coming back from Granada, "if you had to write about everything you read/play/watch/live, your lifespan would be reduced to half and you'd only read/play/watch/live the half of you could if not!"

PD: However, I don't forget a promise, and I'm still writing (I wrote 2/4 days a month ago T_T) about "salón del manga de Barcelona". Conseguiré escribirlo antes de que llegue el salón de este año, 必ず! XD
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Merry Christmas to everyone!!

I've been dead a lot of time X_X (and now you will see one of the causes XD), but as it's said "come back home for Christmas" ^^U.

In fact, I owe you at least two posts: my impressions of this year "Salón del Manga de Barcelona" and my impressions about TOKYO REVELATIONS OAD 1. I'm writing the first one and I've already covered one of the four days XDD, so someday I suposse I'll post it @_@.

Furthermore, I'm writing this working against the clock >_< because even Christmas day I only have an internet hour (and my parents don't have anything more to do than tidy the room in Christmas and trying to throw away more and more things...) and I've to post this, send a CD mailing list mail and update a Christmas post in CD as well, but you see, now I understand when people say Christmas is stressing T__T. I hope, no, I pray Heavens to be this xmas the last one in this Hell of home >_<.

This wasn't supossed to be a emo post, but come on, they are fucking me even when I write Christmas post in the LJ ¬¬.

This year's postcard is featuring Soel & Larg!!
Merry Mokonachristmas!

At least I hope for all of you to have a great Christmas time (I only have it when I'm off of home >_<) and and a great 2008 year!!

But my only present wasnt the postcard, it's for spanish people ^^U:

¡¡Al fin hemos terminado!! Uff, llevamos un año trabajado más o menos para poder acabar xxxHOLiC DVDRip *___*. Sé que a la mayoría de la gente, que ya la vio TVRip, del primer fansub que lo sacase, se la pelará, pero nosotros, que curramos muchísimo pero tuvimos que hacerlo con la penosa calidad TVRip, queríamos terminar de adornar la versión con una digna calidad de video.
Para ello, hemos utilizado nuestros DVDs, ripeados por nosotros, me he peleado durante días contra el horrible desentrelazado T__T (algunos capítulos tenían unos 300 frames QUITADOS A MANO), hemos resincronizando los scripts, revisando todo, arreglando los karaokes, rehaciendo los logos, readaptando y corrigiendo algunas cosas de la traducción, etc. En definitiva, un curro bestial, por lo que apreciaría enormemente si la gente de la FL al menos le diese por bajarla ya verla, que xxxHOLiC se la merece, y os puedo asegurar de que no vais a ver ninguna traducción (ya veremos que hace 'Enigma Enterteinment', prff) ni versión mejor en ningún idioma ^^ (yo soy humilde, pero cuando uno curra como llevo currando un año, o se tira flores o es gilipollas xD).

En fin, espero que a alguien le guste (hikari_k, seguro que a ti sí, que te estabas bajando la TvRip xD) y podamos darle redistribución por ahí >_<, que en el tracker de frozen no podemos colgarla porque está "licenciada" (quizás dentro de 4 o 5 años la veamos en las calles).

Pues bueno, el enlace os lo dejo en la última noticia de Friki no Fansub:

¡Muchas gracias! ^^, y ¡feliz navidad!
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Que nos pilla el torooo XDD

I have many things to talk about (it has been two months since last post, so it's normal XD), but I don't have time for that >_<. I have still pending:
· Hien!! >__< I'm still smoothing things over and I haven't even painted her @_@. And Salón del Manga de Barcelona is on November 1st! "Que nos pilla el torooo" XDD, this is the main reason I'm had not lived these days and I won't be living next week XD.
· Crossed Destinies layout 6.0, I have finished the main layout image, but I need to finish main window and start programming @_@. And lots of updates too are pending, but I want to concentrate in the new layout, so onlye most important ones will be added.
· xxxHOLiC DVDRip. We are currently working in the 16th episode, I hope we'll finish before any DVD will be anounced or something in Spain >_<. It's not I don't like the license or something... it's just I HAD to reedit xxxHOLiC because TVRip quality really sucked >_<. And came on, after watching what they've done with Tsubasa Chronicle's translation... do you really think it will be better than our job? -_-
· Play more Eternal Sonata (Trusty Bell in Japan) *___*. I finished .hack//G.U. Vol.3 last week, it was really amazing! Ovan rules! But CC2 made some prfff and never explained plot holes near the end of the game -_- (I hope the G.U. Trilogy movie that will be released next year will give me answers!). I'm still in the Forest of Pain to really finish the game, but Eternal Sonata was released last Friday in Spain, and a friend lent me his XBox 360, so... I'm really enjoying the first 5 hours I've played: marvelous scenery, a magic world a dreams, incredible music (Sakuraba's and Chopin's XD) and a dramatic and sadness story with people with terminal illness T_T in a apparently "happy world".

No more for today @_@ (I DESIRE WANT TO WATCH TOKYO REVELATIONS OAD 1, wgrgwhgwhasd! XD), and I'm finishing with a meme ^^U (in fact, I answered it onw or two weeks ago, but I didn't even had time to post it @_@).

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